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Sain hauskan haastattelupyynnön – tai paremminkin kysymyspatteriston – virolaiselta design-brändiltä Oot-Oot Studiolta. Sukelsin ajatuksiini ja kirjoittelin takaisin seuraavaa:

I got an interview request – or rather a set of questions – from Estonian design brand Oot-Oot Studio. I dove into my thoughts and here’s what I wrote:

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Whose home is this? How did you find the right place?

This home belongs to me, my partner, our baby girl and a cat called Mr. Paw. My friend hinted about this house a few years ago when it was still under construction. She was living next door with her family (and still is, we have such a great community nowadays with couple of our neighbours). I hadn’t heard about this area earlier and fell in love with it when I visited the construction site for the first time.

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Who are You as a person; the work, the hobbies, the personality? How Your personality shows in Your home interior?

At the moment I’m in a maternity leave from the field of trade. I’ve been dealing with different tasks in my career – from importing goods to project managing and strategy work. Before that I worked a few years as a journalist. I’m also a part-time entrepreneur as a blogger and I have created a small web store where I sell my posters.

My all hobbies relate somewhat to visual aspects: I love styling, photographing and graphic design (means: spending LOTS of time with my laptop). I create different kind of interior elements myself and enjoy sewing and knitting my baby’s clothes. And perhaps I have to add one more thing: I spent quite a lot of time with different social media apps (including my blog). Is that a hobby?

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Did You design the interior by yourself or did any interior designer help? Where did the inspiration for designing Your home come from?

Yes, I’ve planned it all by myself – from the design of the sauna to the kitchen cabinets and other surface materials. But I already dream about new kitchen because at that time I desired a bright modern Swedish style with a hint of romantic aspects. Now I get my largest inspiration from Danish minimalism and traditional Finnish design.

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What design brands have You used for furnishing and decorating Your home? Which designers work do You enjoy? Which design brands do You admire?

I really enjoy my table from Hakola which is designed by a talented Anna-Leena Hämäläinen and made by hand in Finland. It makes the atmosphere of the whole living room so cosy. Besides that, we have a lamp from Artek, a cabinet from BoConcept, a pillow from Ferm Living, a small tray from Hay, art prints from Paper Collective and dishes from Iittala, Arabia, Marimekko and Muuto. I mix these with my flea market finds, hand made decor and some other inexpensive furniture ie. from Ikea and Ellos.

I admire the work of young and talented designers and their rising small brands. I have made several super fine findings from different design markets. Those are the places where I get really excited.

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I saw that Your home is influenced of different DIY project. Which is Your favorite DIY piece?

It must be the wooden fairy light kind of a installation in our living room that I made out of construction waste. I also like the aztec wall hanging in our bedroom.

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Which is the most valuable memory that comes to Your mind with Your home?

Definitely the time after my baby girl’s birth. The first morning at home, the highly emotional name party or the day my partner proposed to me. And of course the fun evenings with our friends and neighbours.

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Which is Your favorite place at Your home? Why?

Two answers. First thing that popped up in my mind was the living room table because usually the best moments shared with family and friends happens around it. The second thought was my crafts room where I can let my bohemian spirit free without thinking about the mess I create.

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Which 5 words (or word-pairs) would You use, to describe Your home?

1) Modern, 2) but cosy, 3) clearly Scandinavian, 4) full of graphic patterns and 5) love. Sorry to be so syrupy but cannot help it. Greetings from my baby-bubble.

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  1. HANNA

    15 October

    Ihana, ihana koti. Kodikas on kyllä erittäin kuvaava sana. Haaveilen jo siitä kun joskus asetutaan siihen lopulliseen kotiin, jossa on just sopivasti tilaa ja pääsen sen sisustamaan kaiken alusta alkaen <3

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Kiitos Hanna! Ja itse asiassa täälläkin jo haaveillaan siitä seuraavasta rakennusprojektista. Joka siis ei ole realisoitumassa varmasti vielä vuosiin (tai kymmeniin), mutta aina se on yhtä ihanaa. Pinterestissä kansiot vaan kasvaa.

  2. Inspired

    15 October

    I like it so much! 🙂 Your house is amazing, it looks so peaceful!
    Kisses from Portugal! 🙂

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Thank you so much! <3 And straight back! 🙂

  3. Hyvä juttu! Kiitos siis aamukahvi lukemisesta. Kodikas oli sana minunkin mielessä läpi tämän jutun. Kaunis, tyylikäs, valoisa, harkittu, inspiroiva ja kodikas. Vaikka en tunne sinua, kotisi kertoo sinusta paljon :).

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      <3 Oi. Ihanasti kuvailtu. Eipä voisi kauniimmin sanoa.

  4. Lyde

    15 October

    Ihana juttu ja taas niin kauniit kuvat! Huomaan, että teillä on yhdistelty erisävyisiä puulajeja ihan reippaasti, ja lopputulos on silti tasapainoinen ja rauhallinen. Itse pähkäilen täällä, että voiko ottaa keittiöön tuolit joiden jalat on vähän eri sävyä kuin pöydän kansi, nyt tuntuu vähän hassulta se 😀

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Totta! Pysähdyin oikein itsekin kattelemaan ja todellakin ronskisti on kaikki sikin sokin. Rohkeasti vaan sekoittelemaan sielläkin. 🙂

  5. Kiki

    15 October

    Ihana juttu ja ihanat kuvat! Niin ihanaa! 😀 Yltiöpositiiviset terkut täältä sorvin ääreltä! 🙂

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Ihanat yltiöpositiiviset! Tykkään semmosista! 😀 Täältä megalöllöt takasin.

  6. HuopaPalloMatto

    15 October

    Olipas kiva juttu – ja ihania kuvia! Moderni ja kodikas ovat kyllä hyviä sanoja kuvaamaan, ja sellaisia joihin varmaan moni pyrkii. <3

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Kiitos, kiva kuulla! Että joku muukin on samaa mieltä, kun itse aina kattelee tietenkin ihan vähän subjektiivisesta näkökulmasta näitä kulmia.

  7. Julie

    15 October

    I love your style, your home is so beautiful and full of love! It shows that you take great pride and care into making it a special place.

  8. Paulina

    15 October

    Oi miten ihanasti kirjoitettu. Miten ihana kodikas ja niin kaunis koti. Blogiasi on ilo seurata! <3

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      <3 Kiitos. Ihan hämilleenhän tässä menee tämmösistä kommenteista.

  9. mblaura

    18 October

    Ihana juttu ja niin ihana koti! Mukavaa syksyä =)

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Kiitos piristävästä kommentista! Samoin sinne!

  10. Salla

    19 October

    Ihana, lämmin ja harmoninen koti!
    On aivan pakko kysyä mistä teidän olohuoneen matto on ostettu?

    • Kaisa

      24 October

      Voi kiitti! Alun perin ostettu Tukholmasta tavaratalo Pubista, mutta on siis House Doctor -merkkinen ja saa sieltä sun täältä ostettua. Tämä meidän versio on tosin useasti pesty, eli valkoinen on harmaantunut ja musta haalistunut. 😀

  11. Mélanie

    20 October

    Quelle est la marque du canapé ? Merci.

    Mitä tuotemerkinsohva ? Kiitos.

  12. Jasmiina K

    27 October

    Teillä on kyllä niin ihana koti, en lakkaa ihastelemasta!

    • Kaisa

      4 November

      Kiitos Jasmiina. <3 Kauniisti sanottu.

  13. Anja

    4 November

    I love your light grey carpet! Could you tell me where to buy it?

    • Kaisa

      5 November

      Thanks! It was black & white back in the days but after washing it many times it has turned to light grey. 🙂 It is from House Doctor.

      • Anja^

        16 November

        Oh yes, i found it! Thank you very much! I will wash it many times too, to get this lightgrey look 😀 Did you wash it in the machine?

        • Kaisa

          22 November

          Haha, perfect! Yes, I’ve both hand and machine washed it. 🙂

  14. Katy

    7 November

    Your home is truly beautiful! Your style is impeccable! Just a question… Where are your throws from, particularly the black & white zig zag one?

    • Kaisa

      20 November

      Thank you Katy! <3 That one is from K-rauta, a Finnish hardware store and the other (black + gray geometric) is 2nd hand find. The unicolor grey is knitted by my mom and the peachy from Kodin1.

  15. Hall of Homes

    9 November

    Love your home and all the beautiful details!

  16. Michaela

    13 November


    Where dou you have this Couch from? I love it !!! 🙂

    Do you have a Website where I can buy it ?


    btw… beautiful home… 🙂

    • Kaisa

      26 November

      Thanks Michaela! The sofa is from Adea. You can check their website!

  17. Hanna

    1 December

    Aivan ihana koti <3 Niin persoonallinen ja raikas!
    Ihastuin erityisesti olohuoneessa sohvan vieressä olevaan penkkiin / tuoliin!
    Mistä se on hankittu? 🙂

    • Kaisa

      3 December

      Kiitos, ihanasti sanottu! Se on ostettu Jackpointilta.

  18. laborie

    7 January

    Hi, nice blog and pics !
    What’s the model or brand of your home cinema.

    Thanks !

    • Kaisa

      23 January

      Hi! Thanks! The brand is Genelec.

  19. Agata

    21 January

    Where did you buy sofa??? Can I get a link to store?:)

    • Kaisa

      23 January

      Yes it is Adea Band from vepsalainen.fi

  20. Nina

    10 April

    Hei teiltä löytyy tuo sama House Doctorin matto olohuoneesta kun meillä ja olen miettinyt monesti sen pesua mutta sitähän ei saa vesipestä. Oletteko joutunut itse pesemään sitä vielä kertaakaan ja miten se on onnistunut

    • Kaisa

      10 April

      On pesty vedellä ja pesuaineella mattopyykillä ja lisäksi monet monituiset kerrat koneessa. Meillä kissa laattailee siihen karvapalloja tasaisin väliajoin, minkä vuoksi on pakko toimia vastoin pesuohjeita. Ja se on päästänytkin hirveästi väriä, eli meillähän tuo matto on nykyisin tuommoinen harmaan sävyinen. Luonnonvalkoinen on muuttunut vaaleanharmaaksi ja tumma keskiharmaaksi.

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  22. Sabine van Nimwegen

    21 August

    Hello Kaisa,

    Here a Message from Holland. I have a question about your sofa. I love it! Is the sofa from a Europe company like Ikea? Thans You if you answer mine question.
    Greets Sabine from Holland

    • Kaisa

      23 August

      Hi Sabine. Greetings back! It is from Adea (Finnish furniture company). 🙂

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